TuffBlock Good Design Australia Awards Winner - 5 Years On

We’re delighted that TuffBlock was a 2015 Australian Good Design Awards winner in the Hardware & Building category. It was the culmination of 5 years of research and development. 

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6 years on, and the design elements that saw it beat out over 150 Australian and international entries which qualified for Good Design® Selection have been enjoyed by tens of thousands of builders since. The benchmark for selection was set very high, with entries having to satisfy the criteria for good design including: Form, Function, Safety, Sustainability, Quality, Commerciality and Innovation.

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The TuffBlock is made of high strength closed loop recycled polyolefin material with an ultra high UV rating. Designed with a ventilated underside to prevent moisture buildup and deter termites. TuffBlock’s are the only block products that are able to be secured to the post/bearer for extra stability.

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The Australian Good Design Awards judges provide a global benchmark of design excellence. Local judges are joined by international design experts, all from highly reputable organisations across all disciplines of product design and development.






Sometimes when you are looking at where you are wanting to go, it's easy to forget how far you have come. TuffBlock in the last 6 years has made tens of thousands of projects significantly easier, whilst contributing to the circular economy.

 We look forward to adding more to the range, and pushing for more Good Design Awards.

Build on.