TuffBlock Now Available In Select Bowens Stores

TuffBlock is now available in select Bowens stores!
Bowens now ranging TuffBlock in stores

For those of you who are new to TuffBlock, let me start by introducing what it is…

TuffBlock is a foundation deck block that fits joists, bearers and posts for building decks, walkways, shed foundations and much more. It’s similar to it’s concrete counterparts but with a number of exciting upgrades:


  • It’s highly engineered design means it features very accurate sizings, with 2 slots for joists/bearers and 2 slots for upright posts.
TuffBlock deck block accurately fits joists, bearers and posts

    Each block is identical, which is a common issue with concrete blocks where the sizing can differ from block to block. This is an issue if you’re using 45mm joists where you may need a chisel or angle grinder to make it fit.

    And with the 2 sizes for posts built in, it means no more need for chiselling the centre to fit your posts. They simply slot perfectly in.

    tuffblock post slot for 90mm and 100mm posts
    • It has an ultra low profile of only 50mm. This is compared to the concrete blocks with a minimum height of 150mm. This makes TuffBlock extremely popular for low level decks where height is a key factor.

    tuffblock 70mm low profile deck block walkway
    • It’s extremely lightweight, weighing in at only 680g per unit. That makes transporting it incredibly easy, as well as making it super-fast to work with when building.

    tuffblocks versus concrete deck blocks
    • It’s stackable meaning you can load a ton of these up in your car, reducing the number of trips to the store, and they’re very easy to store in your home. Being light and compact means TuffBlocks can also be easily delivered straight to your door, hassle free. Concrete blocks weigh 18kg each, meaning a typical order would add up to half a ton!

    • TuffBlocks are made from 100% recycled materials. BuildTuff supports a circular economy by using recycled materials in products that will last decades. TuffBlocks can also be recycled again at the end of their life.

    buildtuff pledge
    • TuffBlocks are load rated to 770kg and break tested to 5000kg per block. This makes them incredibly strong.
      tuffblock can hold up to 770kg and break tested to 5000 kg

    All this is why TuffBlock is the fastest growing foundation system in the world!

    Here are some awesome projects that people have created using TuffBlock:

    1. Ben’s wrap around ultra low profile deck:

    2. Drew’s patio deck with TuffBlock as an intermediary:

    3. Chris' ground level deck over concrete and soil:

    What have customers said about TuffBlock?

    For unfiltered reviews, head to this link to see what people are saying about our product:

    tuffblock amazon reviews


    Or check out our Google Reviews for ‘BuildTuff Australia’. Here are a couple we’ve selected:

    James Ostapenko

    pool deck using tuffblock
    " High quality and easy to use product. Used >100 to build 50 sq/m deck. Deck is 18 months old, has not moved and looks great. BuildTuff team were amazing with their support, particularly discussing QTY and spacing for this huge project. Highly recommend! "

    Sherry Brownsherry brown deck build review

    "My deck is only 1’ off the ground and the cement blocks were too heavy bulky and tall. These Tuff Blocks were perfect. Obviously the deck is not done but you can see what we were working with. They are fantastic!!"

    For more information on TuffBlock visit your local Bowens and check them out for yourselves! Or alternatively, head to our YouTube channel where you'll find How Tos, Build Examples and Step by Step Guides.