Created for hard surfaces and areas with a smaller footprint

The revolutionary TuffMount Eco+ contributes to a circular economy by purely using industrial waste plastic to create the product.

With greater portability, minimal space needed to install and a cheaper alternative, TuffMount Eco+ comes in pairs with everything you need for a quick and convenient install.


  • Strong, lightweight and UV stabilised
  • 120 kg load rating
  • Manufactured from 100% recycled industrial waste
  • Optimised size - reduced height
  • Added fastening points
  • Sloped water run off channels - better drainage
  • Ventilation points - no mold 


Newly created sloping channels allows faster water run off and prevents mold


Secure this lightweight mount with the provided fastening holes to ensure stability


Ideal for businesses: Fits 3x more mounts per pallet compared to competitors

How is TuffMount Eco+ MORE ECO?

Not only is TuffMount Eco+ made entirely from industrial waste such as plastic pipes from the mining industry, but there are no additional dyes, chemicals, powders and washing added to create the slabs.