6 Floating Deck Ideas Using Deck Blocks

Looking to upgrade your back yard? Well we've got 6 simple deck designs, but built in beautifully landscaped yards.
These decks aren't just about functionality; they're about creating a vibe, a mood. Imagine stepping out to a space that blends seamlessly with the outdoors, where the boundaries between inside and outside blur. A place for morning coffees or to have dinner outdoors.
These decks all use simple landscaping materials such as pavers, stone & rock to incorporate your deck into your yard by building pathways and garden beds around the deck itself.
When using TuffBlock deck blocks, you can build the deck portion in a matter of hours when the deck itself is a simple rectangle. But when blended into the yard with some simple landscaping tricks, it elevates it to a whole new level.
Hopefully these inspire you and get you thinking about how you could transform your own yard!
floating deck in landscaped yard
This first deck shows how you can build out from your home to create a patio deck, and extend the living space in your house. This type of deck is perfect for an outdoor living area.
Think about using stones around the deck to frame it. The symetrical plants at either corner of the deck along with the L shaped couch make this a perfect place to sit and enjoy the outdoors that leads perfect out to your garden. This type of deck is also perfect in winter where the stone and paved pathway allow you to stay out of the mud whilst still using the space.
floating deck in landscaped yard
This deck is similar, but is floating in the yard as a stand alone platform. A floating deck platform is a great place to have dinner during warm summer nights. Adding pavers to your lawn is a great way to connect the deck to the house, and the gravel/stone around the deck is great for hiding the deck blocks under the deck.
floating deck in landscaped yard
This deck is built into the garden bed at the end of the yard. The pathway connects is seamlessly to the house, and allows you to sit in your yard whilst enjoying the nature around you.
floating deck in landscaped yard
A two toned deck is always a nice touch. A floating ground deck is perfect for a bbq and inviting friends over for a feast!
floating deck in landscaped yard
Building on a slope yard? Well TuffBlock allows you to build using posts at various heights for a deck like this. Consider creating a bench as part of your floating deck for an extra place to sit. You can also build a firepit next to your deck to warm you up in the evenings!
floating deck in landscaped yard

We hope these six stunning examples of floating decks have sparked your creativity and inspired you to embark on your own backyard transformation.

Each deck, with its unique blend of simplicity and style, demonstrates how when using deck blocks, like TuffBlock, a single day's effort building a floating deck can result in a breathtaking outdoor sanctuary.

TuffBlock deck block with a 4x4 post

Whether it's a cozy corner for your morning coffee or a spacious platform for social gatherings, the possibilities are endless.

Now it's your turn to bring these ideas to life! Grab your tools, choose your design, and start building. Remember, the beauty of these decks lies not just in their construction, but in how they harmoniously integrate with the natural landscape of your yard. We can't wait to see the incredible spaces you create, transforming your outdoor areas into personal havens of relaxation and joy.

Happy building!

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