About Us

Since the inception of Deck Blocks in 1988 in the USA, instant foundation blocks have been the preferred method for creating a strong and stable foundation for many professional & DIY projects worldwide. The concept has literally revolutionised the way we look at deck & raised platform construction, with millions of projects completed each year using the system.

In 2009 we took the traditional concrete Deck Block concept and combined it with Evo-Crete technology, a proprietary blend of fibre-reinforced light weight concrete to create the Handi Block making it 2.4 times lighter.

After five years of research and development we launched the next evolution of the deck block using the same engineering specifications and critical performance requirements of the Handi Block to create the ultra lightweight TuffBlock Instant Foundation System making it 11 times lighter than Handi Block and 28 times lighter than traditional concrete Deck Blocks.

TuffBlock’s are made of high strength closed loop recycled polyolefin material with an ultra high UV rating. An individual TuffBlock can support up to 770 kgs (1,700 lbs) and weighs only 680 grams (1½ lbs). Designed with a ventilated underside to prevent moisture buildup and deter termites whilst accepting 35-47mm (2” x 4”, 2” x 6”, 2” x 8”) Joists and 90x90mm and 100x100mm (4” x 4”) Posts, TuffBlocks truely are the lightest, most versatile and easy to use deck foundation system on the market.

Unique to the TuffBlock is the ability for low level decking, it is now possible to build a deck as low as 140mm (5.51 inches) without the need for digging. No more ugly concrete blocks in your yard. The slimline profile and satin black finish means a TuffBlock easily blends into the landscape and surrounds.