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Customer Support

Our FAQ provides guidance for any and all BuildTuff related questions. Not sure on the quantity of TuffBlocks? Use our TuffBlock Estimator found on our product page. Maybe you're deciding on what type of deck is right for you? View our FAQ or get in touch with us above! Our support team are knowledgeable, friendly and a message away!  

Your Voice Matters

Like any DIY renovator or professional, we're always looking for progression and opportunities to learn from our customers. After all, we make our products to offer you a new way of building, so you can work smarter! Your comments and voice matter. No matter what thoughts, ideas or feedback; we'd love to hear from you!

Product Questions

Do you have a question regarding TuffBlock or maybe even a building question to clarify? Check out our FAQ or try out our TuffBlock Estimator. Wondering about ordering TuffBlocks? You can view our Shipping, Warranty, Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions too.