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Instant Foundation System TuffBlock - 25 Years 25 Year Warranty
Pool Fencing Composite Spigot - 10 Years

10 Year Warranty



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Date: 19 October 2018

1.0 TuffBlock Description:

The TuffBlock is a low profile, durable instant foundation system. TuffBlocks enable a deck to be constructed quickly, safely and efficiently. They are recyclable and have been load tested to over 5,000 kilograms (11,000lbs) with a maximum working load of 770 kilograms (1,700 lbs). TuffBlocks weigh up to 28 times less than comparable concrete blocks and come complete with a 25 year manufacturer backed limited warranty. The TuffBlock instant foundation system offers a broad footprint and is perfect for both low profile and raised decks.

2.0 References:

-TuffBlock EEAQ-0162 Analysis Documentation

3.0 Delivery/Storage/Handling:

-Inspect each TuffBlock for splits, cracks, dents or any other damage that may impair its function. Damaged TuffBlocks must not be used and should be returned to the point of purchase.

-Transport and store all TuffBlocks in a secure manner out of direct sunlight.

-Protect TuffBlocks from exposure to solvents, adhesives, stains and cleaning products.

4.0 Project Environment:

-It is recommended that the installer have a minimum of two years construction experience, be familiar with building terminology, local construction codes and be in suitable physical shape.

-All work must comply with the TuffBlock installation procedures.

-All decks must not exceed the load capacity of the TuffBlock foundation system.

-TuffBlocks must only be used for pedestrian traffic.

-Heavy features such as planters, bench seats, large tables, water features and other static load items in excess of 45 kgs (100lbs) must be directly supported by at least one additional TuffBlock for every 90 kgs (200lbs). Additional TuffBlocks must be placed directly under the point of load with additional TuffBlocks evenly spaced up to the next regular TuffBlock location.

-Static features over 225 kgs (500lbs) that are directly supported by legs are not advised and considered unacceptable.

-Features that create vibration must be placed on vibration dampening pads. Excessive vibration that is transmitted to the TuffBlocks is considered unacceptable.

-The decking surface static load must be calculated first to ensure adequate spacing and allocation of TuffBlocks. Refer to product guidelines for material weights.

-The substrate below the TuffBlocks must provide positive drainage.

-If placing TuffBlocks over a roofing substrate or water membrane refer to local building codes and material guidelines before proceeding with installation. It is recommended to securely attach the TuffBlocks to the substrate when not building on terra firma.

-TuffBlocks may only be installed on surfaces with a minimum of 40psi bearing capacity.

-When placed on terra firma any substrate on which the TuffBlocks are to be placed must be adequately compacted with positive drainage.

-Deck height must be in accordance and not exceed that of state, local or any other applicable building codes and regulations.

-It is recommended that TuffBlocks are not be installed in areas that experience heavy snow or below freezing temperatures.

5.0 Installation:

-Ensure the substrate or terra firma is level, compact and have positive drainage. Load testing to 40psi is recommended on all substrates. Loose, unstable or reactive soils should be tested for capacity to carry the required dead and live loads anticipated.

-The supporting surface below the TuffBlocks should be clean and free of all debris, protrusions and other matter that may interfere with the lie of the TuffBlock.

-Accurately establish all lines, levels and layout before proceeding with any groundwork. Check plans for correct dimensions, elevations and final deck height.

-Plan the location of the TuffBlocks according to the installation flyer or website and place extra TuffBlocks under dead loads or areas of high traffic as directed.

-Regularly inspect during installation for any movement, rocking, level changes or irregularities.

-Use of shims should be avoided and instead TuffBlocks levelled through raising the supporting section of substrate or terra firma below the TuffBlock. Ideally a solid material should be used to raise the natural height of the terra firma such as a concrete blend mix or other suitable material. Alternatively one may use the post method for leveling the deck on uneven surfaces. Use of shims will void the TuffBlock warranty due to point loading.

-For installations in high wind or flooding prone areas the deck should be tied down through ground anchors or other suitable method.

-TuffBlocks should not be installed on water logged soil or immediately after periods of heavy rain.

-TuffBlocks must not be used in a stacked configuration.

-An engineering compliance certificate or other relevant compliance inspection should be undertaken and issued before usage.

6.0 Care and Maintenance:

-TuffBlocks should be protected from exposure to full sun.

-No cleaning products, stains, paint or chemicals should be applied to the TuffBlocks.

-Decks should be regularly checked for any rocking, settling or shifts. TuffBlocks will need to be readjusted if any change to the deck is noticed.

-During regular deck maintenance TuffBlocks should be checked for level footing, full ground contact, secure attachment to the joist or paver as well as any damage.

7.0 Warranty:

-The TuffBlock system is warranted for a period of 25 years from the date of purchase from manufacturing defects only. Warranties are non-transferable. The warranty does not cover costs and expenses with respect to the removal of defective TuffBlocks or the installation of replacement materials, including labor and freight. The TuffBlock system is not liable for special, incidental or consequential damages. Upon confirmation a defect has occurred and falls under the TuffBlock warranty a new replacement TuffBlock will be provided free of charge. To make a claim proof of purchase and evidence of fault (photos or faulty TuffBlock) must be presented.  A copy of the engineering compliance certificate (or other relevant compliance notice) complete with date, stamp and authorized signature must also be presented. All warranties are at the full disclosure of TuffBlock.

-The warranty applies to normal, non-abusive use and does not cover any abnormal damage or functional impairment. The TuffBlock warranty does not warrant against:

  1. Spalling or other breakages caused by impacts, abrasions or over stressing of the TuffBlock at any temperature
  2. Improper installation.
  3. Installation in areas exposed to beyond normal or recommended use. Extended service life and applications not recommended by this guideline and/or local building code, standards, and normal work procedures will also not be covered.
  4. Excessive movement, settling, distortion or collapse of the substrate or terra firma supporting the TuffBlock system
  5. Impacts and damage by the process of snow or ice removal.
  6. Damage from natural disasters or extreme weather events.
  7. Use in temperatures outside the recommended static load operating range of -20 degrees Celsius to 55 degrees Celsius (-4 degrees Fahrenheit to 131 degrees Fahrenheit). It is recommended that TuffBlocks be installed in above freezing temperatures, if installed in below freezing temperatures avoid all dynamic loads and physical impacts to the product.
  8. UV stabilisers have been included in the manufacturing process which means TuffBlock is manufactured to the highest standard of any plastic product for use outdoors. However, like any plastic product we recommend TuffBlock is not installed where it is exposed to direct sunlight as this will reduce its service life below 25 years.